Published articles

North and South: Long-run Social Mobility in England and Attitudes towards Welfare  (with Nina Boberg-Fazlic)

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Pre-Reformation Roots of the Protestant Ethic (with Thomas Barnebeck Andersen, Jeanet Sinding Bentzen and Carl-Johan Dalgaard)

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A quest for useful knowledge: The early development of agricultural accounting in Denmark and Northern Germany  (with Markus Lampe)

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Does Welfare Spending Crowd Out Charitable Activity? Evidence from Historical England under the Poor Laws  (with Nina Boberg-Fazlic)

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The Danish Agricultural Revolution in an Energy Perspective: A Case of Development with Few Domestic Energy Sources (with Sofia Henriques)

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A Note on Danish Living Standards through Historical Wage Series, 1731-1913 (with Ekaterina Khaustova)

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How the Danes Discovered Britain: The International Integration of the Danish Dairy Industry Before 1880 (with Markus Lampe)

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Contracts and cooperation: The relative failure of the Irish dairy industry in the late nineteenth century reconsidered (with Ingrid Henriksen and Eoin McLaughlin)

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Just Add Milk: A Productivity Analysis of the Revolutionary Changes in Nineteenth Century Danish Dairying (with Markus Lampe)

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Tidsskrift for Landøkonomi og udvikling af mejeribruget i Danmark (with Markus Lampe)

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Greasing the Wheels of Rural Transformation? Margarine and the Competition for the British Butter Market (with Markus Lampe)

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Malthus in Cointegration Space: Evidence of a Post-Malthusian Pre-industrial England (with Niels Framroze Møller)

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The Cost of Railroad Regulation: The Disintegration of American Agricultural Markets in the Interwar Period (with Giovanni Federico)

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Tariffs and Income: A Time Series Analysis for 24 Countries (with Markus Lampe)

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Globalization Revisited: Market integration and the wheat trade between North America and Britain from the Eighteenth Century (with Jacob Weisdorf)

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The Strange Birth of Liberal Denmark: Danish trade protection and the growth of the dairy industry since the mid-nineteenth century (with Ingrid Henriksen and Markus Lampe)

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Law and Peace: Contracts and the Success of the Danish Dairy Cooperatives (with Ingrid Henriksen and Morten Hviid)

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French Revolution or Industrial Revolution? A Note on the Contrasting Experiences of England and France up to 1800 (with Jacob Weisdorf)

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The Determinants of Subsistence Income in a Malthusian World (with Holger Strulik and Jacob Weisdorf)

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Something Rational in the State of Denmark? The Case of an Outsider in the Cobden-Chevalier Network 1860-1875 (with Markus Lampe)

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Survival of the Richest? Social Status, Fertility, and Social Mobility in England 1541-1824 (with Nina Boberg-Fazlic, and Jacob Weisdorf)

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The Role of Technology and Institutions for Growth: Danish Creameries in the late Nineteenth Century (with Ingrid Henriksen and Markus Lampe)

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1846 and All That: The rise and fall of British wheat protection in the nineteenth century

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Malta and the Nineteenth Century Grain Trade: British free trade in a microcosm of Empire?

Journal of Maltese History 1:2 (2009), pp. 20-33


A malthusian model for all seasons (with Jacob Weisdorf)

Economics Bulletin 29:2 (2009), pp. 776-781


From Preventive to Permissive Checks: The changing nature of the Malthusian relationship between nuptiality and the price of provisions in the nineteenth century (with Jacob Weisdorf)

Cliometrica 3:1 (2009), pp. 55-70


Karl Gunnar Persson 1943-2016 (with Ingrid Henriksen)

Scandinavian Economic History Review 64:3 (2016), pp. 214-216
Karl Gunnar Persson 1943-2016 (with Giovanni Federico)

European Review of Economic History 21:1 (2017), pp. 133-139

Book reviews
The agrarian history of Sweden: From 4000 BC to AD 2000

Scandinavian Economic History Review 60:2 (2012), pp. 299-301